YAY! I feel energised and excited! This is because I might be a little overworked but it's all SO MUCH FUN! - Okay okay I'll tone it down a notch, no need for yelling - I already forgot how my last Monday went... Oh no wait, I made some sick progress in the game called… Continue reading Excitement


What the hoop

What a week. I feel like months have past. Lots going on and what the hoop?! I can still hula hoop and I'm happy to be picking that up on Monday evenings. Upcoming Monday is the last Belly dance practise on that day so I'll finally have the day free for streaming. Streaming has been… Continue reading What the hoop

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Night Mode app for better view at your phone screen!

Imagine yourself in bed at night, you just turned off your light to go to sleep and your phone starts buzzing. Since you're not too sleepy yet you're going to check what the message is. When the phone light comes up your eyes start squinting against the light because it's so bright.(And yes, even with… Continue reading Night Mode app for better view at your phone screen!